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Guitar, Bass and Drums Maybe you want to encourage an appreciation of the arts in your children or maybe you want to develop your own talents. We can help you. We offer lessons in acoustic and electric guitar, electric bass, and drums. Students at all levels learn how to read music and are shown how to develop good musical tone and dexterity. They learn real songs often picked by the students themselves that they can play with other students. Students who are old enough are taught music theory and how to apply theory in songwriting and improvisation. Lessons are taught by an instructor with 8 years of professional teaching experience and 21 years of playing and performing. Styles include Rock, Jazz, Funk, Blues, and Folk. Students are exposed to many styles of music, but emphasis is placed on the style(s) of interest to the student.
Philosophy Study those who came before you. Learn in a way that is fun and fulfilling. Grow and explore through other musicians and styles of music. Express yourself positively through your music