Editor Log

Aug 16, 2018
version 2.21 (2f)
Fix: Program was not able to open large task.txt files..

Dec 25, 2016
version 2.20 (2e)
Feature: Added ability to set volume levels of edits.
Feature: Streamlined workflow with many default settings.
Improved code for determining order of edits.

Apr 03, 2016
version 2.00 (2c)
Upgraded Linux versions to glibc 2.17

Jun 18, 2016
version 2.00 (2c)
Improvement on error handling on invalid crossfades.

Jun 16, 2015
version 2.00 (2b)
Bug fix: Unnecessary padding occured on some edits leaving blank areas
Feature: Crossfades to allow seamless transitions!
Feature: Better compatibility with very large wavefile headers

Feb 16, 2015
version 1.01 (1d)
User may specify edit points in samples instead of seconds.

Oct 6, 2013
version 1.00 (1c)
Initial Release