Limpet Log

May 28, 2018
version 1.03.3
Fix: Text could have been displayed after end of line was set and the user scrolled past this point.

Jul 22, 2016
version 1.03.2
Fix: Going to the help menu caused active line to advance by one.
Feature: Percent of data loaded will be shown when loading a file that exceeds Limpet's memory limit.

Jul 13, 2016
version 1.03.1
Memory allocation by specifying lines and characters per line is now user adjustable!

Jul 08, 2016
version 1.03
Vastly improved file save times due to better code used to prepare the buffer.
Fixed seg fault in some cases if scrolling beyond file line limit.
Fixed skipping of importing last line in a document when no carriage return was used.
Improved code to deal with importing lines greater than character limit.
Added warnings when reading files that exceed document size limit.
Added ability to save current buffer while in the open new file dialog.

May 24, 2016
version 1.02.1
Small bug fix: Page backward command moved by twice the number of lines

May 15, 2016
version 1.02
Added ability to launch an application from Limpet
Added ability to set several parameters in RC file

Apr 03, 2016
version 1.01
Upgraded Linux versions to glibc 2.17

Jan 14, 2016
version 1.01
Quick but important seg fault fix from Jan 11th release.
Fixed: Find end of line command was not working consistently
New: Toggle line numbers on/off
New: Text entry display matches character position in document

Nov 27, 2015
version 1.00
Initial release for Linux 32/64 bit and Raspberry Pi