Mixer4 Release Log

Dec 26, 2020
version 1.164 (w20e)
Fix: An array associated with track volume caused a crash in BSD, but could potentially affect any distribution.

Mar 23, 2017
version 1.163 (w20d)
5-year Anniversary Release
New: ability to read 32-bit floating point .wav files.
New: ability to change the shape of a volume ramp!
New: ability to adjust dither level
New: FreeBSD and OpenBSD versions!
Minor fix to fadergenerator utility

Jul 13, 2016
version 1.161 (w20b)
Improved code for handling license key.
Organized code for text output.

Jul 09, 2016
version 1.16 (w20a)
Mixer4 is now even leaner! Memory needed for vca's, busses, and reverb will not be allocated unless needed.
Minor memory optimizations were made to the wavefile construction engine.
Important fix: Limiter on bus or master fader if set to 0 threshold will cause boosted output on some systems.
Changed method of calculating secondary reflection timing in trev effect to be more true to the room.
Added suggestions on how to reduce room size or tap number in trev when room size is too large.
Despite extensive testing, this release should be considered a beta release since there were many changes!

Apr 03, 2016
version 1.152 (w19e)
Linux versions upgraded to glibc 2.17.

Mar 20, 2016
version 1.152 (w19e)
Full version for Windows and Mac (key not needed)!

Mar 06, 2016
version 1.152 (w19e)
Fixed: Reflections in reverb had dropouts due to buffer memory issue.

Jul 24, 2015
version 1.151 (w19d)
New: Wavefiles not found will be skipped if muted
Fix: Improved clarity of output text
Fix: Better handling of peaks with values of minus infinity
New: Better compatibility with broadcast wavefiles
New: Ability to adapt to wavefile headers indicating incorrect data length

Jun 29, 2015
version 1.151 (w19c)
Added optional 3rd command line argument for preferences file.
Added warnings for signals over full scale returning from effects.

Mar 20, 2015: 3 year anniversary release!
version 1.15 (w19b)
Added vca style faders!
Added high and low pass filters to reverb
Softened and fixed inital reflections in reverb
Added Fade Adjust utility program to scale and shift fader data.
Added ability to use extra tabs in tracks.txt file.
Track names will print next to channel peaks in console.
All channels and busses that exceed 0 dBFS will display OVER!
Reverted to 1/4 1/2 mix progress display (less busy)

Mar 1, 2015
version 1.141 (18b)
Better compatibility with broadcast wave files with very long headers
Added option to parse tracks file with tabs instead of spaces (and spaces are possible in file names)
Time stamped tracks can now start in the middle of a volume ramp.
Processing time is saved to stats file.

Feb 20, 2015
version 1.14 (18a)
Greatly increased fader resolution and range
Added option to enter percents for faders, thresholds, and reverb snd/rtn
Removed the 'nodb' function

Feb 1, 2015
version 1.131 (w17f)
Added launch command for playback using wave player of choice.
Aplplayer accessory added for Mac version
Increased processing speed for Mac versions.
Removed ALSA dependency from Linux versions.
New mix progress meter shows percent complete.
Processing time is now displayed in verbosity level 3 and not by default level 2.

Dec 20, 2014
version 1.13 (w17e)
New: Added two additional bands to the EQ, "band3" and "band4". Text mode only.
Change: preview.wav file will build to mix directory by default
Fixed: EQ bands can be ordered independently
Fixed: a line of user text beginning with "e" could have stopped
reading of the fader.txt file for some functions.

Dec 13, 2014
version 1.12 (w17d)
Fixed: Time stamped tracks were not advancing through automation.
Fixed: Serious volume ramp bug for mixes not started from time zero.

Oct 14, 2014
version 1.10 (w17b)
New: Ability to reorder effects individually for each channel!
New: Ability to set default ramp time for quick volume changes
Increased efficiency of volume level processing

May 18, 2014
version 1.0993 (w16n)
Bug fix in "rev" reverb (introduced in Jan 4, 2014 release).

May 11, 2014
version 1.0992 (w16m)
Fixed: Only tracks assigned to soloed submix send to reverb
New: Only tracks assigned to soloed submix are read from disk
Added time field options for xin, xout and preview start functions.

Apr 17, 2014
version 1.0991 (w16l)
Added time field option for quicker time entries (see Volume Automation)

Jan 4, 2014
version 1.099 (w16k)
Significantly more efficient/faster code in (rev) reverb.
Added width parameter to reverb.
Preview mode parameters no longer need to be on adjacent lines.