Parametric Plate Log

Dec 26, 2020
version 1.065

Fix: Saving to fader file (also used when mixing) caused a crash in BSD

Mar 23, 2017
version 1.064
Added ramp shape entry on custom volume ramps
A blank entry or other text is now allowed between tracks if the track is muted.
Added dither level to preferences
Changed pan entry widget for faster work flow
Changed volume entry scroll to 0.1 dB increments

Feb 25, 2017
version 1.063
Fixed: Reverb return was not being recalled correctly.
Feature: Added reverb width and position parameters to GUI.
A new window has been added for global reverb parameters.

Apr 03, 2016
version 1.062
Upgraded Linux versions to glibc 2.17

Feb 25, 2016
version 1.062
New: Static build for Mac
New: Clearer on/off buttons for all platforms

Jul 26, 2015
version 1.061
New: Added directory browser in preferences window
New: VCA and submix names can be entered and saved

Jul 11, 2015
version 1.06
New: VCA fader support
New: Reverb high and low pass filter support
Fixed: Submix 8 assignment was not being recalled.

Feb 1, 2015
version 1.05
New file browser for adding wave files!
Updated to work with Mixer4 launch command.
Fixed possible seg fault when reading tracks.txt file without "end".

Aug 18, 2014
version beta 1.041 (6b)
Fixed recalling solo and mute from file
Fixed storing group (submix) solo/mute to file
Added 3 small menus
Channel name is updated for master and groups in effect window
Unified font sizes

Aug 15, 2014
version beta 1.04 (6a)
Text output in control window verifies store/recall and mix functions.
Tweaked certain effect parameters for better precision with slider.
Minor bug fix on recalling reverb bypass state.
Only the bypass state on effects will initialize before reading parameters from file.

Aug 14, 2014
version beta 1.033 (5h)
Fixed: Pan settings were not being read in properly.
Fixed: Effects initialize properly on startup.

Aug 12, 2014
version beta 1.032 (5g)
Fixed: If no faders.txt file is present, the created one will have the user defined mix filename.
Added: insert, remove and propagate time index functions!
Changed: button colors

May 25, 2014
version beta 1.031 (5f)
User can choose from 256 window colors (from preferences window)
Added wavefile source directory and mixfile destination to preferences
Added mono output option to preferences
Fixed potential memory bug with larger faders.txt files

Feb 26, 2014
version beta 1.03 (5e)
Fixed crash on Windows if faders.txt file is empty on save or mix
Fixed parse bug on Windows where "end" continually appended to prefs.txt

Oct 17, 2013
version beta 1.02 (5d)
Added a submix matrix window
Added effects makeup gain (the fxg function)
Added soundcard and playback mode controls to preferences

August 9, 2013
The Linux 32 bit tar archive was packaged incorrectly on Aug 1st and was not version 1.01.
The Linux 64 bit tar archive included v 1.0 in addition to the updated one.
Sorry for any confusion

August 1, 2013
version beta 1.01 (5c)
Fixed a last minute change that broke writing preview mode on/off state to file
Path to Mixer4 may be as small as 2 characters such as ./

July 28, 2013
version beta 1.0 (5b)
Initial release for Linux, Mac, Windows and Pi