Mixer4 Features

Data (such as volume and pan settings) is accessed by the user in plain text files.
Can be run without a desktop, a windows manager, or a soundcard.
It is virtually unbreakable since it relies very little on other code. More about the code.
Integer math summing for precision. Sum Test #1 Sum Test #2

Direct signal paths and minimal processing whenever possible.
Extremely fast rendering times. Master a 4-minute song in under 4 seconds.
Built in 64-bit precision equalizer, compressors, and reverb.
A preview mode for fast processing of sections only.

Panning works on principle of time delay or user settable pan law.
Volume automation and ramps with adjustable lengths and shapes.
127 tracks and 8 stereo submixes.
Runs on 32-bit or 64-bit operating systems.

Run simultaneous mixes or submixes on different processor cores.
Installs simply by copying the very small binary to a working project or applications directory.
User choosable audio file time placement (time stamping).
Beat or time based automation entry with adjustable tempo and meters (tempo mapping).

Current Limitations

A separate waveplayer is needed to play audio.
Writes 16 and 24-bit .wav files only.
Reads 32-bit float, 24-bit and 16-bit .wav files only.
No editing or recording capability (see Accessories).

Does not integrate with other software plug-ins.
Automation is limited to track volumes.
Works offline only: workflow is adjust, render, then listen.