Register Your Copy of Mixer4

Non-Commercial License (home hobbyist)

Linux and BSD $0
Mac $45
Windows $45

Commercial License (income producing studio, radio station, etc)

Windows $130
Mac $130


If you cannot meet the asking price, or
if you appreciate the amount of work that has been put into
this software, please donate an amount that you prefer.

How to register

Please send a request by email to mixer4 at acousticrefuge dot com
Paypal is the preferred method of payment

What you receive

1. A keycode that removes the output file length restriction (Mac and Windows)
2. The option to be updated by email on bug fixes and new releases
3. Technical support

How it works

The keycode is pasted in the project preferences file
There are no registry entries or dongles

Limits of registration

The registration is limited to one user which may be an individual, family, or studio facility
The keycode may be used on multiple computers by the user
The keycode will always continue to work for the version of the software at the time of registration
A new keycode may need to be purchased for major future releases